„Not mind or body but mind and body“
Joseph Pilates


„Pilates is a full-body system of specific sequenced exercices performed on the mat and specially designed equipment. The method is centered around the concepts of awareness, balance, breath, centering, concentration, control, flowing movement and precision. The principle of Pilates is to uniformely develop the body and mind.“ Pilates Method Alliance

Tension and pain in the human body are symptoms of the daily stress and anxieties we are all exposed to. Before we know it, our body has adopted poor posture and a latent feeling of malaise begins to set in.

Practising the Pilates Method transforms the body from the mere exhibitor of symptoms to an instrument of both physical and mental recovery. The practitioner not only learns how to live comfortably and unrestrained in his body, but also benefits from an improved self-confidence and ability to concentrate.

Over time, flows of natural movements become embedded as deep-seated processes in the conscious mind. This increased body awareness significantly reduces the likelihood of injury incurred through sport or other activities.

Joseph H. Pilates

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in Düsseldorf in 1880. Nowadays, he is internationally renowned for his development of a holistic training method.

Due to his intense involvement with Asian martial arts, yoga, gymnastics, boxing and physical conditioning in general, Pilates succeeded in developing a unique way of combining training for both the body and the mind.

In the 1930’s, Pilates emigrated to New York and opened his first studio there. In the early years, it was athletes, dancers and actors who were particularly drawn to his technique.

By the time of his death in 1967, Pilates’ studio and technique were primarily known in the United States.

Today the Pilates Method is recognised throughout the world as an indispensable part of fitness training and rehabilitation. Numerous studios offer courses in the Pilates method.