Lucile opened Luxembourg’s first pilates studio in 2007. Since then she designs pilates sessions for rehab, or simply to gain balance, strength, flexibility and awarness.

Lucile has been consciously living and working with her body since early childhood. Her training in Ashtanga Yoga and the Pilates Method was a natural progression from her beginnings as a dance teacher and choreographer as well as her practice of Tai Chi. She considers the body as a means of artistic communication, a therapeutic aid and an instrument of meditation.

Lucile holds a “Premier Prix” in Classical Dance of the Conservatory of Luxembourg and a Master Degree in Motion Analysis from the University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV). She studied Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries for Yoga and Pilates Teachers at the Mount Sinai School of Medecine, New York.

Lucile’s Pilates exercices are all designed along the Safe Spine Teaching Technique based on the No Risk Abdominal Exercices, inspired by Blandine Calais-Germain’s research and Stuart Mc Gill “Low Back Disorders” research.

The interplay between proprioception and interception during Pilates exercices are a new and highly specific field of research initiated by Tom Myers and Elizabeth Larkham that Lucile is integrating in her sessions.